Our processed food products manufactured from various types of fresh vegetables and semi-processed food products.

We produce and supply water-boiled/ dried vegetables such as bamboo shoots, carrot, radish, burdock, chestnuts and dried shiitake mushrooms.

Our products also includes dietary fibre food products, for example, konjac instant noodles and konjac desserts. They are our convenience food products and are mainly made from Konjac.

Konjac(魔芋) is grown in India, China, Japan and Korea. Konjac has almost 0 calories but is very high in fiber. Thus, it is often used as a diet food. It has very little taste; It is valued more for its texture than flavor.In Japanese cuisine, konjac (known as konnyaku) appears in dishes such as oden. It is typically mottled grey and firmer in consistency than most gelatins.

Konjac Strips
Konjac Strings
Konjac Strips
Konjac Strings
Konjac (魔芋)

They are distributed and sold to PRC consumers mainly through local supermarket chains in major cities such as Shanghai, Xiamen, Fuzhou and Chongqing under own brands, such as "旺成食品", "第七庄园", and "研食坊".

More than 50% of processed food products are exported to overseas markets mainly in Japan.

Shiitake Mushrooms
Bamboo Shoots
Dried Vegetables
Water-boiled Vegetables
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