Yamada was listed on the Main Board of SGX-ST on 8 October 2010. Yamada is a major grower, manufacturer and supplier of fresh and processed agricultural products in Fujian Province, the People's Republic of China ("PRC"). Our products consist of two major segments: self-cultivated segment and processed food segment.

Yamada's self-cultivated products are comprised of moso bamboo trees, bamboo shoots and edible fungi, mainly including shiitake mushroom. They are mainly sold as fresh produce to wholesalers of agricultural food products in the domestic markets. Our processed food products include processed mushrooms, processed vegetables, water-boiled bamboo shoots and konjac-based dietary fibre food products. They are sold in major cities in PRC through our well-established network under our trademarked brands, such as "旺成食品", "研食坊", "第七庄园" & "我享受" and are exported to overseas markets, mainly Japan, under our customers' brand names.

We also possess upstream resources through our Sawdust from our eucalyptus plantations which can be utilised for the production of synthetic logs used in the cultivation of edible fungi. This allows Yamada to have better control of the production process and ensures that the quality of our products is consistent. In addition, the spring bamboo shoots from our moso bamboo plantations which can be supplied to our processed food business as raw material for our processed bamboo shoots.

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