Our produce from our bamboo plantations at Pucheng County and Jiangle County, Fujian Province, PRC are mature bamboo trees, spring bamboo shoots and winter bamboo shoots.

Harvesting period is from July to April next year.

Bamboo shoots are sold as fresh produce while part of the fresh spring bamboo shoots are used as raw material of our processed food products segment. As a restorable and renewable forest resource, bamboo is receiving more and more attention because of its biological features such as its short growth cycle, high output, multiple users, ecological adaptability, ornamental value and the nutritional qualities of bamboo shoots. As a result, bamboo is now considered to be one of the most promising plants of the 21st century. The bamboo industry has brought economic, biological and social benefits. Also China's bamboo industry has made great contributions to environmental protection, soil and water conservation, modernising the agriculture industry and increasing farmers' income. Bamboo trees have a variety of usage such as building/renovation materials and in paper and pulps and textile industries, etc.


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